About me
Quick Facts:
1. I was born and raised in Maryland
2. I enjoy helping and learning from others
3. I'm a former Penn State Football Player
4. I once played in front of 117 thousand fans 
5. I'm a HUGE Bob's Burgers & Stranger Things fan
My UX Journey:
I began community college with the intent to become a visual designer. It wasn't until a senior designer at one of the companies I volunteered for told me, "You're too lively to sit behind a desk all day. You constantly ask great questions, you're always engaged in team meetings, and constantly looking for ways to grow our products and yourself. I'm moving you to our UX team." After completing my first project in 2015, I knew UX design was what I wanted to do in life. 
Spring '17, I transferred to Penn State. During my first semester, I convinced the art department to incorporate user-centered design into their curriculum. Then I joined the Computer Graphics Club, where I served as the lead designer for a DreamWorks Animation event and learned how to lead a design team. That Summer, I learned how to conduct web and data analysis, market, brand, and promote products during my internship with American Pool. A year later, I interned for SevenTwenty Strategies, where I was able to work with some amazing people. SevenTwenty allowed me to: be myself, strengthen my weaknesses, learn how to collaborate with developers and other in-house departments, interact with major clients, and design for multiple Fortune 500 companies. 720 trusted me so much that they allowed me to create their partnership flyer, which helped them ink a 4.3-million-dollar deal.  
I've Worked With:
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